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#BreakTheWalls Shea Moisture

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I know you're probably thinking...."why is Koils by Nature, writing a blog post about Shea Moisture? Isn't that her DIRECT competitor?  

Yes! Shea Moisture is my direct competitor but what this company is doing is monumental for ALL natural hair care brands for people of color or with a distinct hair textures! "Breaking the Walls" is a beautiful campaign SHOWING the world that if we want something for "Our" hair texture we DO NOT have to find the "Ethic Hair" section....which is usually a very small section with wave caps, do-rags and relaxers! We can got to the Beauty/Hair Care alise with the rest of the them! We deserve it!   For Koils by Nature when we make our debut onto store shelves....HOW COOL is that Shea Moisture has already broken the walls...so now we will ONLY know the "Beauty or Hair Care" aisles in the stores!  I want to THANK Rich co-founder and CEO of Shea Moisture for paving the way for us! 


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