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  • Winterize Your Hair!

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    As we say in Beaufort Gecchie Gullah Language....aye col out da doe❄️⛄️my hometown got snow this week....like real snow about 3-4 inches!  The snow is beautiful, but this dry hair is NOT fun for our natural tresses.  We NEED MOISTURE...by any mean necessary! Here are some quick tips for your hair and skin this winter: 

    1. SAY NO to hot showers.  I know we LOVE hot showers in the winter but it's actually horrible for your skin and hair.  The hot water pulls moisture from your hair and body....so turn the hot water down. 
      chocolate delight butter
    2. Apply our amazing Nourishing Hair and Body Butter to damp skin, so when you get out of the shower.... don't dry all of the water...pat the excess water and apply our butter or Replenishing Hair & Body Oil IMMEDIATELY.  This will seal in the moisture. 
      replenishing hair and body butter
    3. Deep Condition using either our Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner or our New Detoxifying Mango Mint Conditioner, make sure you use either heat or steam for at least 30 minutes no more than 2 hours.
      detoxifying mangomint conditioner
    4. The Humidifier is your friend!  Get a small humidifier to put on your nightstand, it will push moisture into the hair, perfect for your hair, skin, and sinuses! If you want to be fancy, put a couple drops of peppermint or lavender essential oils in the water. travel humidifier

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