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  • Protect Your Koils from the Summer Heat

    1 comment / Posted on by Pamela Booker

    Protect Your Koils from the Summer Heat

    This summer heat is brutal, from 118 in LA to 100 here in the Atlanta Metro this summer heat can reek havoc on your Koils!  Here are 5 ways to prevent your Koils from being FRIED in this summer heat!

    1. HYDRATE listen, moisture starts from the inside so it's very important you're drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in oz. example 180lbs drink at least 90oz of water per day, and I know this can be hard, but start off with 1 (16oz) bottle, add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber. (avoid the powdered flavored stuff) Water has so many amazing benefits from keeping you alive to detoxing your DRINK WATER!
    2.  PROTECT, I know errybody is at the beach in Cabo, Miami, LA has so much fun in the sun, but those UV RAYS are harmful to our skin and hair, so if you're going to be in direct sunlight for an extended time, COVER up with a Sating lined hat, turban or scarf.  Your hair will thank you!
    Image result for the wrap life
    3.  DEEP CONDITION, this is the time of year with biweekly DC are crucial and remember to sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap or sit under a steamer for 20-30 minutes. 
    4. MOISTURIZE, having a great leave-in conditioner is essential for your Koils, replenishing your hair with great moisture, slip vitamins and minerals will help your hair weather this Hot summer. You can use our leave in conditioner every day and it will not cause build up! 
    Moisturizing Shealoe Leave In Conditioner
    5. SEAL, not after all of the drinking of the water, deep conditioning, protecting your koils and moisturizing your you have to seal in all that goodness with a butter or oil, and we have the PERFECT butter for your hair and body! Remember water give moisture but if you don't seal in that moisture, the water will evaporate so you have to seal in the moisture with a butter or oil. 
    Nourishing Hair and Body Butter Sugary Sweet
    Any questions or comments?  Leave them below! 

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  • Beard Care Tips

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    Having a Beard is IT right's reminding me so much of the natural hair movement and women's quests for #BraStrapped length hair!  Now the fellas want #hangtime with their beards!  So here are some sure fire tips to get you a fuller softer beard! 

    1. PATIENCEmy grandmother use to say, "a watch pot never boils" this goes for your beards guys!  patience is a virtue and you will see the fruits of your labor. 

    2. Drink plenty of water - good ole h20 is the #holygrail for all things health, detoxing, moisture and growth. Drink plenty of water hydration starts from the inside. You will see less breakage, which will lead to a softer fuller beard. 

    3. Good diet & exercise- when you eat good and exercise it shows up in your hair and skin; healthy fats like avocados, nuts, leafy greens rich in Vitamins B5, B3, and B9.  Exercise improves the blood circulation which promotes hair growth. You will look amazing after eating right, exercising and with a full beard!

    4. Cleanse often-  removing food, dirt and skin cells are essential for beard growth and calms itching. Our sulfate free Beard & Face Cleanser will remove impurities, dirt without stripping natural oils. 

    5. Moisturize- h2o is the #1 moisturizer....but you need some conditioning for your beard, vitamins and minerals for your skin and hair....and that's where the Beard & Face Moisturizer comes in handy! This product will give you slip, condition your beard; eliminate breakage, dryness.  

    6. Seal- after the cleansing, putting the moisturizer on your have to seal it all in; water will sealing with a Beard Butter and/or Beard Oil will help keep the moisture, preventing drying and breakage! The goal is to keep the beard soft and pliable. 

    7. Brush and/or comb regularly- removes dead skin cells and stimulates hair growth and train your beard! Checkout our amazing 100% Wood seamless Beard Comb

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